Thursday, May 24, 2018

Red Ceilings Blog is now closed

I'm sorry to say that the Red Ceilings blog is now closed. It will remain in it's present form as a record. Thanks for all your support over the years.

Monday, November 6, 2017

ANTIHERO ~ Rupert M Loydell


     time travel
historical memory

          work your magic

bloodline melodrama
     liar's web

          work your magic

unauthorized walk in the park
     (never thought i would)

          secret rhythm
          silent proof

     familiar gone missing

DERAILMENT ~ Rupert M Loydell


in the land of love & famine

there is a wild wind blowing

     she closed her eyes

     viewed fireworks from afar

     turned herself inside out

     went walking with the beast

one last question

will you still hold me

     in the dark?

     i have found my nervous system

          am tragically unsound

        (you take away my heart)

DOWNRIVER ~ Rupert M Loydell


improvised shimmer
     oblivion song

          chromium water
     fluoride kiss

charcoal landmarks
     remain so

i am tired of giving up

    flooded lungs
    drowning belief

          only so much what

     strange animal songs
suggestions for walking alone

          the long sun gone

     can't see the sky

Monday, October 16, 2017

Hold ~ Anna Frances Conway

You congratulate yourself 

The invincible kicks in

The sting kicks in 

Bell jar rumbles 

You hear that fist muscle

You wonder if you can stay

Nothing is on fire

Your insides are on fire

You forget what fire is

You consider it, teeth monster in your head —

breathe in.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Gone over ~ Tim Youngs

That bare patch
where you stood
playing catch

is still there
brought to mind
by the knock

on our door.
A child for
his ball back.

Soirée ~ Tim Youngs

The plastic coaster:

its pattern obscured

by cigarette burns

and Mother’s anger

Drift ~ Tim Youngs

red spots
on Dad’s white Cortina

in our Bedfordshire driveway

blown from the Sahara

with home counties rain

Tim Youngs’ poems have appeared in several print and online magazines, including The Interpreter’s House, The Journal, Lighthouse, London Grip, Poetry Salzburg Review and Staple

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Minds Under Arrest ~ Paul Waring

they chart choreography
and mechanism of moves             
then thunder down doors
at the dark side of dawn
with barking mouths and feet

it's in their dna
to remove fibres of yours
distilling essence for clues
from every nook and cranny

scour your sink for germs
from scrubbed hard drives
of mind   words and images
lurking deep behind eyes

strip search sheets for signs
of wrong dreams  examine
soiled linen of thought take
some away for questioning

On Nights ~ Paul Waring

Darkness draws curtains
in bible black ink. Bat clouds
suffocate corners of sky

as another canvas dies
moon magnets drag corneas
of shuttered eyes towards sleep

where memory knits
rows of experience
that scarf into morning.