Saturday, February 28, 2009

stone head

Friday, February 27, 2009

things to do

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

good moss like a knuckle duster

green mill wasted


Sunday, February 22, 2009

erika's list

1. A black cat.
2. An apple.
3. A dog barking.
4. A window
5. A blue pen.
6. A yellow flower.
7. The air.


in silence
at night
in sleep
I turn to you
like a magnet

how strangely
your voice
alters the clouds

the yellow cottage ~ mark cobley


the emerald ring
the bluebottle
the spoon

and sepia
the smoke stained fingers


cry now stone
the blue grey
tap of honey

a leaf
the new door
the big white barn
the wind blows

we are here
we touch
we share
we see

i see the sweet corn

we kiss


another strawberry

a blue house with smoke
from the grey chimney

smelling of barley.

churchyard, lattin

bills garden

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Q number 2







camera lucida ~ mark cobley


they appear to appear
and thus that they appear
truly exist

and somehow appear in our world
or seem to appear
which means simply that they appear
to appear

& thus that they appear as lines

Blue is the colour of the sky
and its happiness

the opposite of the gaze of love
is not the gaze of hate.

the tall trees. the very tall trees are getting
like eyelashes

swept sharp with mascara. others

& are mistaken for something else entirely
somehow they appear in our world
or seem to appear
which means simply that they appear to appear
& thus that they appear envy

air & light against the earth & shadow of envy

the opposite of the gaze of love
is not the gaze of hope

mal occhio

my child

this line is also the serenity of azure, turquoise, sea.

ghost trees

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

girl on a train

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Micrographia Restaurata* ~ mark cobley

The point of a small sharp Needle

A printed Dot
The Edge of a Razor

A piece of fine wheal'd Taffety Ribbon
A piece of Watered Silk
Fine Lawn

The Sparks of Fire struck from a Flint and Steel
The Structure and Configuration of several Sorts of Hairs
Hair of an Indian Deer
A pretty minute Shell found amongst Sand

Some curious Forms of small Diamonds, or shining Sparks in Flints
The Forms of Gravel in Urine
A Variety of regular Forms resulting from various Combinations of Globules

One of the Six-branched Figures on the Surface of Urine, when it begins to freeze
The Forms of Falling Snow
A Flake of Snow magnified
The Form of Ice on Water
Ice on Marble
Ice of another Configuration

A Piece of Kettering-Stone
A Sea Moss
A Piece of Spunge

A Piece of Charcoal
A Piece of petrified Wood

The Pores in Cork
The Sensible Plant

The Form of Blue or White Mould
A curious Plant on the Leaves of Rose-Trees

Small Wall-Moss

A piece of Sea-Weed
A piece of Rosemary-Leaf
Fine Lawn

A Piece of Stinging Nettle
The Beard of a Wild-Oat
A transverse Section of a Wild-Oat Beard
A Hygrometer made with a Wild-Oat Beard

Seeds of the Corn-Violet

Seeds of Thyme

Poppy Seeds

The Seeds of Purslain

The Scale of a Soal
A piece of Skin of a Soal

Couhage, or Cow-Itch
The Sting of a Bee

A minute Part of a Goose's Feather
Two parts of Goose's Quill
Parts of a Peacock's Feather

The Foot of a Fly
Another Foot of a Fly
Part of a Fly's Eye
Part of a Fly's Wing

The Eye and Head of a Drone-Fly

A Blue Fly, or Flesh Fly
The Blue Bottle's Wing

The Teeth of a Snail
The Egg of a Silk-Worm
Eels in Vinegar

The Nymph-Worm of a Gnat
The Nymphia or Aurelia of the Gnat
Apiarium Marinum

The Tufted or Brush-Horned Gnat
The Great-bellyed or Female Gnat
The white Feather-Winged Moth
The Back of the long-legg'd Spider
The Eyes of the long-legged Spider
The Bely of the long-legged Spider
Hunting Spider

The Ant, Emmet, or Pismire
The Wandering Mite.
The Crab-like Insect
Cloth-Worm, or Moth

A Cheese-Mite with it's Back uppermost
A Cheese-Mite with its Belly upwards

A small Creature hatched on a Vine

The Flea
The Louse

* or, the Copper-Plates of Dr. Hookes Wonderful Discoveries by the Microscope

Copyright Mark Cobley 2008

Friday, February 13, 2009

steps and stone


she love ~ mark cobley

sprouting seeds of certain beans, esp. mung beans, used in oriental cooking.
3 red buses. big buses. sleeping people.
she loves large divinity recipe. the swings in a park

she watches TV
she watch video
she go show

she write she love
she types not my cuppa tea.

a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet

an area inside a room, box, or square-shaped space
near the place where two or more edges or surfaces are

a place where two streets conjoin
the sharp bend in the road

a part, region, or area, regarded as secluded or remote

come into the presence or company of (someone)
by chance or arrangement a week later

she is is
she is was
she is then

she is so
she is here
she gone

she is so

by mobile phone
by txt
by twitter
by facebook
by blog

in the room
in the t bag
in the departure lounge
in a white cup

the edge of a hollow container or an opening
to be eaten drunk spoken

the piece of paper
the magnolia tree
and blossom

in stone in amber in tinsel

she love

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

satnav ~mark cobley

philip treacy hat

tattoo heart


to eat fish so far away
from the sea
seems odd
up a mountain

the stopwatch
(in its lovely silver case, engraved)

high heels
cobble stones
arm in arm

a collector of string
things thrown away
plastic bags

apples falling in autumn

you drink you drive
you apply lipstick in the mirror
chanel limited addition
lovely packaging

sweetpea by the bedhead

birds singing barber shop

by the river

swans clouds
swan cloud
fields clouds
as you lie back
pinned to earth

by the lakeside
six small pebbles


grand hotel europa
bedrooms without bathrooms

beehive, bird nest, wood pile

vivienne westwood

powder and shot

you have arrived at your destination

you have another coke
not diet
but the proper stuff

I note your stillettos
in my I-Spy stilletto book.

St. Brigid

up the track

cheshire fields

Thursday, February 5, 2009