Friday, February 6, 2009

satnav ~mark cobley

philip treacy hat

tattoo heart


to eat fish so far away
from the sea
seems odd
up a mountain

the stopwatch
(in its lovely silver case, engraved)

high heels
cobble stones
arm in arm

a collector of string
things thrown away
plastic bags

apples falling in autumn

you drink you drive
you apply lipstick in the mirror
chanel limited addition
lovely packaging

sweetpea by the bedhead

birds singing barber shop

by the river

swans clouds
swan cloud
fields clouds
as you lie back
pinned to earth

by the lakeside
six small pebbles


grand hotel europa
bedrooms without bathrooms

beehive, bird nest, wood pile

vivienne westwood

powder and shot

you have arrived at your destination

you have another coke
not diet
but the proper stuff

I note your stillettos
in my I-Spy stilletto book.

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