Friday, February 13, 2009

she love ~ mark cobley

sprouting seeds of certain beans, esp. mung beans, used in oriental cooking.
3 red buses. big buses. sleeping people.
she loves large divinity recipe. the swings in a park

she watches TV
she watch video
she go show

she write she love
she types not my cuppa tea.

a place or angle where two or more sides or edges meet

an area inside a room, box, or square-shaped space
near the place where two or more edges or surfaces are

a place where two streets conjoin
the sharp bend in the road

a part, region, or area, regarded as secluded or remote

come into the presence or company of (someone)
by chance or arrangement a week later

she is is
she is was
she is then

she is so
she is here
she gone

she is so

by mobile phone
by txt
by twitter
by facebook
by blog

in the room
in the t bag
in the departure lounge
in a white cup

the edge of a hollow container or an opening
to be eaten drunk spoken

the piece of paper
the magnolia tree
and blossom

in stone in amber in tinsel

she love

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