Sunday, April 19, 2009

the saint ~ mark cobley

Being the richest man on the island
he had to live in the deepest hole
away from all his money and his gold
so he found a stony place
high in the mountains and started digging
and with the aid of ladders
dug himself a tiny cell down
far deep into the rock
so light couldn't find him hidden away
and lived off condensation which
he licked from stone in the darkness
without air

And because he was the richest man
the islanders built a vast temple
of gold with fragrant candles
around the hole that befits
the wealthiest man to protect him from the rain and elements

Then when he never showed his face and then when he had died and smelt of fish and then when they had spent all his money then

they said he will be our patron saint of madmen
and he will cure the sick
and we will parade him around the streets
And beat drums
And dance
and kiss his fragrant feet
every 8th of August.

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