Saturday, May 2, 2009

the view ~ mark cobley

the big country.

the vast land.

please stand
with you arms out wide at the door
see how much that is
how much landscape how much town
and all within it

this is bigger. wider. larger.

you laugh at the television show.

i like the word laconic.

i'm going to have to take
a headache tablet.

i knock the glass of water
over. But here
i can make it stop in mid-air
not a drop of water
or glass will hit the floor.

there will be no crash.

dead daffodils now in the vase
sun. refracted sun. glass.

what you buy
is who you are.

the birches bend this way
and that way in the wind

from the window i watch.

the house is never really empty. knowing

you are still upstairs. walking about.

drawing curtains.

i have been here before.

in truth i have the ability to change things. alter outcome.

watching red trains depart almost on time. going somewhere.

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