Friday, June 19, 2009

Vanish ~ Emily Howard

Some of us were given away at birth

To satisfy our mother’s cravings

And we know it even if we remain at home

Throwing chicken bones in the attic

and casting fortunes until childhood passes

These days, most days I just wait

for night and the glow of electronics

love is banter from light boxes

I wonder if I have only written to myself

Later, I scan the evidence

Most of it disappeared.

Between he and I, we don’t know who is

Whom. Between us, we don’t know if our bodies

are text. Texting, I fall away into the dark

my body a jumble of letters, a ticker tape

across Columbus Circle. a broadcast from

Rapunzel Towers in two steady beams.

Love is a radio sound

made to chase away ghosts

When we turn it off we are startled at the relief.

Quiet, followed by a very bearable loneliness

Tomorrow we will want its static again

Tomorrow, he will garden rampions

I will crave their taste without knowing their taste.

Tomorrow, my mother will call

Wants to know am I coming on vacation

And did I get a haircut yet.

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