Monday, August 10, 2009

Constable Country ~ Alec Newman

Suburbia rises
over the charred
offering of the orchard

Smoke surrenders to
the odour of summer rain
and roses
and climbing jasmine
and fresh stained decking

Houses made homes
Panasonic Sony LG
Griman Noresund Groland
Gravyr Stockholm Vaxholm

Homes unhoused --
the apple leaf’s cockchafer
unboughed -- the fly-catcher on the bough.

Come Basisk series lights
come mourning for darkness
come the eternal twilight.

Let cocks crow
with owls at
dead of night

Alec Newman was born in Essex in 1975, but now lives in Bury. His first chapbook, 'Earthworks', is due out with knives, forks and spoons later this year.

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