Friday, August 21, 2009

rubble ~ Angie Werren

during the dismantling / feathers
were found in the mortar and
deep exhumation unearthed bricks
that crumbled like paper maché

there were no remnants of shale / no
traces of clay / simply a molded mass
of sentence fragments / hollow quills
bits of paper and / odd consonants

the structure seemed sound but
the lack of vowels mixed with
disjointed emotion proved unstable
the foundation / succumbed

it simply slipped to the ground
authorities have exhausted all leads

said someone close to the source:
she was a bird / down dripped
from her wings as she flew away

Angie Werren writes poetry from a little house in Ohio. She has poems published in a few lovely places like The Ouroboros Review and Bolts of Silk. She is also a bit delightful and a true sport.


Michelle Johnson said...

Hey Angie! This is yet another great poem. Keep up the good work.

Red Bird said...

Wow, Angie- don't think I've read this one before- really loved it. And the structure of it- amazing!
Well done, my friend. Truly!
And congrats!

Derrick said...

Hi Angie,

Your password protection is blocking this on 'smoke' so - just to say how much I like this. You summon amazing images with your words.