Saturday, August 29, 2009

She weren't just a Dollymop ~ Polly Peachum

"Cor! did ye hear about Cora"
I says to Judge Mortimer Plumb
He was dressed in a nappy with his gob at my dairy
Looking right nicky and then some.

"What are you on about Polly?"
He says in a right stupid way
"She's dead sir", I said, "from a knock in the head"
"Now the angels have took her away"
“I'm sorry to hear it” the Judge says
And shifts his great arse in me lap
“The wages of sin, no doubt did her in-
Still a shame she had to go like that!'

"Enough of the dollymop gossip
He then says with a petulant pout
"So sorry to disturb ye. Turn over I'll burp ye"
I says with me patience near out.

But my mind kept wandering to Cora
Her smile and her coppery hair
Her knickers were whiter, her corset pulled tighter
Than all the toffers in Haymarket Square.

She'd knick ye a ointment if your madge had an itch
A meat pie if you had a craving
She'd give her last half penny to a Shivering Jemmy
Didn't care if he was barking or raving.

She always had a song to sing
Or a joke so's to keep us all happy
And I think our Dear Lord, who Cora adored
Prefers that to some bloke in a nappy.

And then I grows right ill tempered
As I'm fixing his bib and his bonnet
She was so gentle and kind! I got it in mind
to say a few word to His Dishonor.

"She weren't just a dollymop, Sir"
I said with flash in me eye
"She was the finest friend in all the East End
And now she's an Angel on High"

"She weren't just a Judy!
and now Sir, I bid you Good Day"
And as I heads to the door, I heard then I swore
A most beautiful harp start to play!

Polly is a Victorian lady with very high standards. This is her first published poem ever.

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Anonymous said...

That's a most unusual poem! But I think the lady is right that God would prefer Cora