Sunday, December 6, 2009

Diminuendo ~ Emily Howard

I play the piano

In the clothes closet

One pump about to tumble

from the shelf. High heel

black sequined. Shape of a gun.

I wore it in a concert once.

One pump is tumbling

high from the shelf

I play the piano

Black sequins, light gradations.

Gun metal strings, quarter tones.

a crime scene really.

I am a woman playing the piano

One high heel pedaling

the other one tumbling

Crime scene, quarter light

Gradation of tone. Little Bach Fugue

Black sequined gun.

Clues to the crime. I am a woman.

I wore it in a concert once

Fugue, gradation, metal quarter

Might have been for a lover

Tumbling tone, yes.

shape of a gun.

Yes, I wore it for a lover

Little Bach sequence playing

once in a concert. Gradation of tumbling light.

Other strings, quarter time, black clothes.

in the closet on a high shelf

Shape of a crime scene really.

I play a crime scene. Black sequins pedaling

sequence. A fugue tumbling.

A woman by gradations, quarter tone.

Other times, high heels once in a concert.

Gun metal Bach. A closet.

A high shelf.

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