Sunday, December 20, 2009

Harry Godwin ~ How Poets Seep into the Unconscious

dream : 19/12/2009

cloudy ceilings

emily howard - elegant . demure - sister of simon
polite conversation / waiting for mark
cobley - red top / blue jeans - arrives late
apologies / must leave . s

shafts of dust / lit
must . wood . door
sun on the porch on the grass

I have never dreamt of grass
of cloudy ceilings
but staircases -

Harry Godwin is a London-Devon poet (discount rates on Sundays) who publishes, is published and founds things (like Cleaves Journal). He spends his time and that is why he is in debt. He also looks after a pregnant lady and a kitten, so please support him and buy his books from The Arthur Shilling Press (they are cheap and there is no profit from them).

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