Sunday, January 31, 2010

the terrorist is the map ~ simon howard

the map is the terrorist
memento prolepsis
the doll’s head fades &

& replica snows sigh
all night zero day’s singsong
the a-dead getting the

shakes cradle &
theory ¾ brick dust
25% wire

basket of eyes &
lyric indemnity

tombeau ~ simon howard

if they embrace
under throats
of velodrome papier

-mâché & wren-
mask adjunct whisper
er cryogenic orb

it bandaged candy psychoklepto
de-situation narrator bleeds barcode
some sorrowing

streets fled
music dumb
show riot

torso ~ simon howard

next summer history
lived like burning hair
in palaces & deployed

surrealism as riot control
last summer will be nothing
except some tiny dwellings

& some tiny dwellers therein
who’ll perforate the violin
hungarian salami

hungarian salami
hungarian salami
hungarian salami she’s just been seen by a ghost

bowl ~ simon howard

endlessless happenstance
clear stream thorn
chanters’ quodlibet

haloed recrudescence
high riser flitterer
continuum unmoving

tassels eidetic
lip quondam construction
zips & rips of chalk

a terrorist is a map
nowhere’s somewhere

Sunday, January 24, 2010

here’s how much ~ Emily Howard

Papers won’t stay in files
Clothes won’t stay in drawers

Jewelry insists on entanglements.
Ointments fall from the cabinet shelf

Couch cushions affect a Cleopatra slump
Pillows take a lazy dive behind the bed

I can’t find my music
I can’t find my bills
I can’t find my other shoe

I sing on buses but don’t read
I go home at quarter past three
I paint my toenails and watch TV

I drink vodka in filtered light

I’m a philodendron-needs trimming
I’m an old ball gown-needs mending

A pair of crooked specs
her legs all akimbo
Loose hair like tobacco
All rolled up

You really should inhale this

Sunday, January 17, 2010

nine poems (part 2) ~ simon howard

at the awaiting

of nude cafeterias
them leprous
ipseity issuance pip
faction deploys risk
fluctuates psycho
linnet in thing tank
last observed


monad police
ellipsis war nomad
candle throne
delete recoil
treadle sub
orb huddles at border war
ps bio shi

all ‘the’ forgetting streets

soon it was there
as if it is never
these widow
ers in furs those furnaces & glass harm
onica informers quietly ice
d luminescence essence
negation negation negated
gate & hairbrush

all the forgetting streets

bracelet eye throat
a-lament out where
chiliastic expulse
scrubland barrier a
gainst the stars &
the scents they transmitted
lately a signature
surveillance small animal cloaked &


lately a signature
d luminescence essence
treadle sub
faction deploys risk
river a-worlds kettle of
banshee escapee
read a stranger

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shadow & Whisper ~ Gordon Mason

My shadow
is a spread
of dead leaves

Behind your voice
a whisper circulates
like a wreath

Boats on the river
are twigs
caught on the current

Blue jacaranda
blinds the martins
into a false sky

Memory of your music
is caked
with scales of rust

This is our world
a gouached glass

Gordon is a Scottish poet who splits his time between Scotland and Spain, writing in both nation's languages. He has a blog at which accepts submissions.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Last I Heard ~ Neil Addison

All three words
were sent down the pit,
exposed to museums.

Their faces
drawn on by the man
in power
at that time
in the manner of a camouflaged writ,

they are parachuted
into photographs
on top
of the airbrushed-out,

the better
to crave the moment’s fullness,

milking these trade-winds


Neil Addison writes poetry and keeps much of it here:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

nine poems (part 1) ~ simon howard

repeat prescription

flesh amnesias
whisper & traipse
flask of horizon mini
mal animal desti
nation flash trace im
pelled to map
spoon & snow

città dell’acqua

read a stranger
’s long neck as
logic gauzy & dream book
musk meadow roar
of wind stippled
star dross
blows paper mice
inwards nor blink

pretend motel

nor like history is happening
banshee escapee
’s pandem
ic & shuffle
tin can thro
ugh the
frost & the plo
ughing railway ecstasis spool


nowhere lovers
nearby exoskeletal
river a-worlds kettle of
nugatory pearls
a sky flocked with angels, lips mentholated
, suicided revolutionists
obelisk basilisk
immutable mutant

Simon Howard lives near a big and famous river. He has returned after years of alternatives. He also has more to say but I haven't let him.