Sunday, January 24, 2010

here’s how much ~ Emily Howard

Papers won’t stay in files
Clothes won’t stay in drawers

Jewelry insists on entanglements.
Ointments fall from the cabinet shelf

Couch cushions affect a Cleopatra slump
Pillows take a lazy dive behind the bed

I can’t find my music
I can’t find my bills
I can’t find my other shoe

I sing on buses but don’t read
I go home at quarter past three
I paint my toenails and watch TV

I drink vodka in filtered light

I’m a philodendron-needs trimming
I’m an old ball gown-needs mending

A pair of crooked specs
her legs all akimbo
Loose hair like tobacco
All rolled up

You really should inhale this


Gordon Mason said...

Wonderfully adapted list poem.

Emily said...

Oh thank you!

the red ceilings said...

That's not a list surely? Nice poem though.