Sunday, January 3, 2010

nine poems (part 1) ~ simon howard

repeat prescription

flesh amnesias
whisper & traipse
flask of horizon mini
mal animal desti
nation flash trace im
pelled to map
spoon & snow

città dell’acqua

read a stranger
’s long neck as
logic gauzy & dream book
musk meadow roar
of wind stippled
star dross
blows paper mice
inwards nor blink

pretend motel

nor like history is happening
banshee escapee
’s pandem
ic & shuffle
tin can thro
ugh the
frost & the plo
ughing railway ecstasis spool


nowhere lovers
nearby exoskeletal
river a-worlds kettle of
nugatory pearls
a sky flocked with angels, lips mentholated
, suicided revolutionists
obelisk basilisk
immutable mutant

Simon Howard lives near a big and famous river. He has returned after years of alternatives. He also has more to say but I haven't let him.

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