Sunday, January 17, 2010

nine poems (part 2) ~ simon howard

at the awaiting

of nude cafeterias
them leprous
ipseity issuance pip
faction deploys risk
fluctuates psycho
linnet in thing tank
last observed


monad police
ellipsis war nomad
candle throne
delete recoil
treadle sub
orb huddles at border war
ps bio shi

all ‘the’ forgetting streets

soon it was there
as if it is never
these widow
ers in furs those furnaces & glass harm
onica informers quietly ice
d luminescence essence
negation negation negated
gate & hairbrush

all the forgetting streets

bracelet eye throat
a-lament out where
chiliastic expulse
scrubland barrier a
gainst the stars &
the scents they transmitted
lately a signature
surveillance small animal cloaked &


lately a signature
d luminescence essence
treadle sub
faction deploys risk
river a-worlds kettle of
banshee escapee
read a stranger

1 comment:

Emily said...

These are begging to be set to music, very good rhythm. I do admit that I keep reading the first line of the first poem, "of nude cafeterias. them leprechauns". Which is not a bad image to carry around. Carry on Mr.Howard!