Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beauties ~ Beth Levin

Little ZaZa
lost in the Turkish March
later sketches a vase
like Matisse

Liam laughs quietly
at my fervor
he plays but still no feeling
I suffer

Ashley who doesn't own a piano
masters a Bach minuet
I look on Ebay for a used spinet

Chris, my shore bird
grew up in Japan
technique only beginning
but has exotic legs

Isabella alters the rhythm
I let her
sassier her way

Jeff's thumb dangles below the keyboard
my silent gasp
I remind him hold an invisible peach

The master class silent
Jeremy 12 in shirt and tie plays perfect Bach
barely audible sighs

A valley girl
attempts a Brahms Intermezzo
it's a question of light years

A.O. comes to music
as a respite from words
a Schubert Impromptu
flowing away from a typewriter
away from a deadline

Soon-Ji in satin slippers
the concerto so well groomed
not a hint of lah-di-dah
her mother outside the door

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