Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Burrowing ~ Carly Hind

We picked at tube worms
Like it was an adventure,
String puppets of the earth
Forging the deepest love-
From no less than nine hearts.
It took us a year to nourish,
Our growth scattered
Like embryonic plants
Drowning in a rainstorm.
We thickened our colony,
Stirring in alternate waves
Of muscular contractions.
Lowly and organized
We grazed too quietly,
And found ourselves sunk,
Like fingers in the throat
Of a heaving bird.

Carly says ...
I spend approximately thirty hours a week in a bookshop, luckily i get paid to be there. The other 138 hours of the week I divide between sleeping (optional) eating (necessary) and writing (naturally). Much of my work can be found at www.carlyhind.com, mostly poetry and some experiments with flash fiction. I currently reside in Carlisle where I
recently moved to try a little hibernation from city life. I studied Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University where I hope to return come September to earn a Masters in the same subject.

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Simon Howard said...

I like these, Carly. Thanks!