Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mizagi’s aria from Ugetsu ~ Emily Howard

Mizagi: It is not so difficult to wait. Once forgiveness transforms the mind, then waiting is sweet. And with every sorrow comes something both bitter and sweet to contemplate. You are hungry and upon you comes a story of rice and salty plums. Absence tells the story of fullness. And fullness tells of absence too. Because you have known both then both are sweet to contemplate. You will see this in time. Story inside story...every story holds another. Story inside story. I had a story of pain and heavy fire blood inside. And inside this story was the story of a star. Because I was unworthy of this star inside me, the blood poured out of me at once. And once I lost the gift and burden of my blood, I understood the story of the star and how it came to be inside me. Then I fell away into the night where I could hear star stories everywhere.

I think I am disturbing your sleep. My love, I won’t pretend that this knowledge doesn’t feel strange. And I need to tell you something else about stories. Sometimes they are spider webs, intricate and delicate, with beautiful, glistening filaments. But when the filament is made of discontent it will trap anyone who happens by. It will never reveal another story than its own. My love, I know that you came upon such a spider web. Still, I always knew that you would come back to me and so you are here.
Genjuro, work hard for your son. he came here as a piece of star tapping my insides like a little flame and I fell away burning bright with love. Akira, the little star came looking for his father. And I knew you would come back! Genjuro, work hard. Teach him your stories. Tell him how joy was inside sorrow and sorrow was inside joy.

Emily's libretto Ugetsu is forthcoming on The Red Ceilings Press e series.

It is currently being set to music by composer Michael Rose and the opera will be produced by American Opera Projects in Brooklyn, New York.

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