Monday, August 16, 2010

Two Sonnets ~ Kristian Wiese


So, this is how it ends, with wind, children and song
the sign of emptiness                        the sound of silence
your body print is still hot in the bed
Dusk comes earlier these days, Why? Orange light
is the only light that seems to escape the windows
outside the window, sometimes it’s cold blue with hints of white
Sometimes the dream is real, or was it the other way around?
if piles & piles of books and poems creates satisfaction
what about pills & powder?
So many green fields to encounter, so sad they’re miles from here.
So easily a tear escapes, smudges the ink and creates
a formation, the wall carries traces of abuse,
high heel marks, lip stick and mustard stains, and I’m unable to sleep
or walk in sleep half silence and with reason.


The Day is closed A gate that was open
earlier. Light colours from within
windows and passing cars
the dark is in the centre and comes alive
handsome on its own
marvellous in company.
We tried to catch the morning,
but had to settle on late afternoon tea
and its curve because it’s more.
And now when all is quiet
you can rest forever on my chest,
be still forever & it’s not bells or angels I hear
it’s the garbage truck
and the day is open.  

Kristian recently graduated from Roehampton University with a First Class Honours in Creative Writing. He is currently living in Spain, writing poetry and working his way through Ulysses, but hopes to return to his home town of Oslo in Norway.

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Gordon Mason said...

Enjoyed these two 'modern' forms of the sonnet: great images.