Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Araneae (the Spider) ~ Steven Fowler

why should I do so

when discretion makes me happy?

Robert Walser

I; a dirty picture book
- that smell of rubber
and you have found me in the foot of the wardrobe
a drawer I thought secret
now you know my anonymity
my gloom
your face a viking web
of crimping
of noiseless weeping
my glittering fingers
have thumbed these pages
more than your own shoulders
back, thighs, feet or breasts
your skin doesn’t shine
your nest is not gloss
who anoints my dead sovereign?
the photogenial
the crown of my lad
a holy river
awaits the gallons of unused developing fluid
in that Styx I’ll throw myself
when you leave me, unsullied
saltless and hygienic

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