Wednesday, October 27, 2010

now a major motion picture ~ colin herd

mike says in his clio (squarely
at me): stop it with this frillier than
thou attitude, & scatter-brained,
scatter-brained gets old.

the tops of lorries flutter
like my underwear on the line
and get wet in the drizzle
like my underwear on the line

i strain above the engine: when
i get another pet, i think i’ll call
her neil diamond. mike likes neil
diamond. we’ve been listening to
neil diamond since we left the gym.

Colin was born in Stirling in 1985 and now lives in Edinburgh. Poems and reviews have appeared or are forthcoming in journals and zines, including Gutter, 3:AM, Dogmatika, Velvet Mafia, Chroma, Blart and Shampoo. His first full-length collection, entitled ‘too ok’, is forthcoming from BlazeVOX Books in December 2010. He edits 'anything anymore anywhere', a poetry magazine.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Taking a Trip ~ Christine Hamm

Taking a Trip
Merida, Mexico, 1992

two burning monuments, the air boiled
honeysuckle, I watch you climb

the steepest steps from the lawn,
making pictures of skulls carved

into walls, clouds of monarch butterflies
reach for our lunch, I make

you wear a red straw hat; I worry
about your burned skin; sometimes

you smile and I say what’s so funny;
I count your pills in the bathroom

while you thrash in your dreams,
the air boiled honeysuckle

Christine Hamm is a PhD candidate in English Literature, specializing in 20th century poetics. She won the MiPoesias First Annual Chapbook Competition with her manuscript, Children Having Trouble with Meat. Her poetry has been published in The Adirondack Review, Pebble Lake Review, Women's Studies Quarterly, Lodestar Quarterly, Poetry Midwest, Rattle, and many others. She has been nominated twice for a Pushcart Prize, and she teaches English at CUNY. She has performed all over the country, and was one of the featured poets in the Poetic Voices Festival of Hartnell College. The Transparent Dinner, her book of poems, was published by Mayapple Press in 2006 and her second book, Saints & Cannibals, came out in March 2010. Christine is the editor of the anthology, Like a Fat Gold Watch: creative/critical works inspired by Sylvia Plath, and was a runner-up to the Poet Laureate of Queens.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Together ~ Gordon Mason

my friend
the ground mist
leaves my footprints
next to yours
the wingbeat
of painted ladies
combs over
the partings

Poetry On The Rocks ~ Gordon Mason

A night artist has impastoed
white hyacinths on mountains,

headdresses of a spring
still in winter’s purse.

Last night we drank Morgan
as the hours trickled by.

Emptied pockets froze
ring marks to beer mats

for other drinkers to imbibe
their amber stillness.

Eyelid buds will crack
open as each morning light

warms the block dropped
by October’s tongue.

And words will flow again
like icemelt rivers.

Science Teacher ~ Gordon Mason

he taught in a port
of hymns and haars
and harbour walls

curtains would blink
and be dropped
by age spotted hands
like sixth period science
by fishermen’s sons

breakfasts and town planning
were Presbyterian
ruled by clicks of tongues

only ironed creases
of suit trousers
were allowed to cut
the snell east wind

to teach herring gulls
the physics of flight
would be Sabbath breaking
and make waves
in the baptismal font

This poem was originally published on catapult to mars