Monday, November 15, 2010

{Evgeniya} ~ Steven Fowler

the cruelty of it, to be racked & Roost in memorial

To contact me again, with such brevity.

She has to give the signal.

Evgeniya rocks my thoughts to the song of sheet

But I thought she might have another do it,

or send me a telegraph.

A readying never came.

I mew at the feet of Artephius.

Rabbits collide

She finds nothing funny.

Wise of her, for she knows too I will be full of the message

and so distracted from doubt.

Expects a plea of mercy

I place my feet on the back of an effigy of Saint Stephen,

waiting while an eagle fetches him food.

I sip from a bottle of blank pages, so I will not be disturbed.

I have her permission. A constant state of regret just seconds

after everything I wanted to do and did. I want I do I regret I forget.

The bag is in the basement, I reply, Evgeniya.

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