Sunday, January 30, 2011

I LoVe Louis Vuitton ~ Jarrad Dickson

You’ll have the eyes of Louis Vuitton

And a curved eyelid like an unfolding rose bud,

And you shall be red, white and black as the Louis Vuitton.

You are a flame
And I am your butterfly.

The Armani boot
Falls off your foot in bed with me
As we make God and Satan dance.

I unfold your L, your V,
And I see you whiter than a rose,
A pale, milky, white, LoVe
With the fingernails of Moschino
And the Holy Chalice Breast Gloss

Of Vuitton; our dear, dear, and dead, Louis…

I am a curtain holding you together.
Undo our love, and you will fall like Pandora,
As a sainted Mycenaean,
Whispering your final words before the full stop,
“Every women adores a Louis Vuitton.”

We went together, you and me, don’t you remember?
We kissed at Parcels, stabbed ourselves with perfume
And unwrapped our sheets, and you spread yourself
As the Blue Angel, my dear, dear and dead LoVe.

Your L undoes from the V
And we are the frail, we have the blood of liars,
Now, LoVe, come close behind my ear
And I will trap you like light into my diamond.

Jarrad Dickson is an aspiring "Artspersonality," he has published 4 books, one with noted psychologist Dr. Dan L. Edmunds, and has a book named The Chamber of Diseases about fringe theories, ego-death, coming out this year tentatively with Dark Harvest Occult Publishers, and should be publishing a book of paintings and poems with Arthur Shillings press. He went to Dilworth school, in Auckland, NZ. He has visions, and in his first 3 books induced his visions into books as a type of "literary psychosis." This poem "I LoVe Louis Vuitton" will be published by The Red Ceilings Press in an echap soon, with 27 poems of 27 lines each. It is a book of "fashion poetry," inspired by designers, the beauty of model Lily Cole, and women. Jarrad is 24.

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Amazing imagery!