Monday, February 14, 2011

Made of Brick ~ MP Dean

A house was made of new bricks.
A house was made of cold bricks but they warmed up.
The house had warm bricks and cold bricks.
At night the air was cold but some bricks stayed warm.
In the roof it was warm.
When you climb up into the roof it is surprisingly warm.
You climb up into the roof and the bricks look old.
In the roof the bricks make it clear to us that they are old.
The old bricks elsewhere wear plaster and paint and pebbledash.
We see bricks that are black, with mortar that is dry and loose, in the roof.
We step from the warmth of the house into the pouring rain.
The garden gets greener as the sky gets more grey and the rain drips
From the pointed leaves, buoyant with the weight.
This grey rain will fall on all the houses in their street.
We will hear a small thunder as they run up stairs. 

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