Tuesday, February 8, 2011

song of work ~ Andrew Spragg

the enterprising young – 
spick n' span boys – you'll sit
warm-bellied in the sun for 
far too long.

Dredging Guinesses in the garden,
you'll heave the song bird of a
belch and tell, each to a man
no, confide even, one finger
exclaiming, measuring the pitch
and dynamics of the work ahead.

I'll reckon that thing's better
the second time around;
a risen tide washes away
a good line in oratory.

Andrew Spragg is a writer and founding member of the Norwich Poetry
Choir. He wrote SHOEBOX, a performance piece staged by The Effort in
2010. He was Literature Coordinator for last year’s Norwich Fringe
Festival. He is currently studying for a Creative Writing MA at
Goldsmith's, London.

He has recently had work published in Ink, Sweat & Tears, TOWN and
Gulper Eel. He regularly reviews for both Rhythm Circus and Bonafide

He has a blog at http://www.brokenloop.blogspot.com/  and currently
runs Misosentive - a blog for interviewing poets and other miscreants
at www.misosensitive.blogspot.com

1 comment:

John Stevens said...

That's a good one Andrew. I especially relish the opening stanza with its clear humorous image and cracking pace!