Thursday, April 28, 2011

the fleetingest ~ Andy Spragg

After selling out in less than a week the fleetingest by Andy Spragg has been reissued as a limited second edition of 30 copies. Get yours from the Red Ceilings Press  while you can!

Friday, April 22, 2011

14 sonnets ~ Simon Howard

for Mark Cobley

Some days they make offer
to be strangers to kill me
where i slept.

Rosy sun pulsing
river tenderly
i’ll wear my old blouse
swim on the fires.

The thing silenced is gone
it arrives in mysterious
reality mad scene fluttering breeze.

Some years absurd pop song
a dark river under
bright river over
my smirk.

Sombrely love with a shadow in other’s
shadow & police dog handling
received evils.

i’ll throw coin
at the windows tormented
like a child’s birdsong
in a hailstorm.

Cool dry medicine on beds
of snails they hypnotise
cartoons get them to imply.

Some days make offer
to strangers when where
sweet thro corrupted shoot
from tripper.

I’ll wear my new blouse tenderly
swim in the ashes
asleep wrapped in curtains.

The best circumstance is deletion
the wildernesses of our lips
their ghosting truth

Dark river popular
the moon fallen entire
the river a boat rowed by snails.

That no love
is possible
capitalism eyes
where undark shimmered night sheet smile nowhere.

Dead bird flying thro daytime
was no night sung
by her lips at time.

No one was
where & the television
was crying 3
am traffic & shit. 

 Simon Howard has a wonderful chapbook out with The Red Ceilings Press called Adrift. There are still a couple of copies left.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ten Clouds ~ Andrew Nightingale

Ten Clouds by Andrew Nightingale

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lincolnshire Wolds ~ Nicholas Beaumont

my excuses
autumn's my I that
wolds on there or
lincoln which to winding
now kicking wold’s streams
skylarks map
used winding train
used leafs under streams
whispering wind
not the sky
wolds on last
& press that bulge
clinging catch to shoes
the across catch
catch to bulge
this not last
your rim of sky
bulge lincoln rim of sun

Nicholas Beaumont is a 21 year old student studying for an MA in Creative Writing at The University of Lincoln. In 2010 he won the Nigel Winn Memorial Award for Best Piece of Creative Writing by a Student Studying English. Nicholas will be published in forthcoming issues of The Cadaverine and Vinyl Poetry, as well as a collection by Tower Poetry set to be published in the Summer. Nicholas is the founder of Wheelbarrow Press, and is poetry editor for literary arts magazine b[liminal].

Friday, April 15, 2011

Out now ~ indigo not violet by Paul Sutton

indigo not violet by Paul Sutton

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

S J Fowler ~ Book Launch

 SJ Fowler book launch at the Blue Bus
{Red Museum}
with Knives, Forks & Spoons press

April Tuesday 19th 7.30pm
at The Lamb, 94 Lamb’s Conduit Street,
London WC1N 3LZ

'A tremendous and persuasive surge of the red and the black: conflicted doctrines, scorched paper. Gothic scripts and plague-year screenplays for an apocalyptic cinema. Death chess. Heretical crusades. Hurt flesh. Fire angels. Madness. A grimoire for a haunted river-city. The poetry lies in the interpretation of malfated woodcuts. It is sinewy, knotted, persistent. And true.'
Iain Sinclair

Also to be released, the chapbooks:
Fights XIX: Johnny Tapia with Oystercatcher press
Fights XX: the Songs of Salvador Sánchez with the Red Ceilings press

{Drunk} ~ Steven Fowler


if you loved me you would dry out first
like fishstock
like bone & salt
like peace, like pretence
like a seaslug
so I can
lend a harpoon to your copuswomb
& not feel guilty

security passes feature a likeness
seen the light of the computer
let us not dwell on what lights the screen
so pink & tan

ingested plantfood
betrayals & headlice
raped on her gap year
there is only helpless here

the intentional repetition
of the why
even when its clear in books that…
marxists & dead peasantry
gaps in physiology
seven in the corner of seventeen

the thirsty wait patiently
the drunk can never drink enough

Taken from the lamb pit, a collection about Rorschach tests.

{Old} ~ Steven Fowler


I awake fully clothed
how disturbing
that in my 40s
I still gladden the several tracks of youth

at least in youth you now have company that follows you in
wearying homes in speech
torn from the morning
‘oh it was a weight’

Married, you sink in the tarpauling of the indoor pool
pulled out the gown rope
‘too tired, I am, from carting this weight’
fold the blinds neatly before bed
poor us

do not look a child up
be steady on the doorstep
expect the clot
smoke bleeds

you fathom her swallowing
needles & shit diseases
but are too self-conscious to follow suit
‘I am not myself. I am just terribly tired’

what else
but tired
when you are so sick?

Taken from the lamb pit, a collection about Rorschach tests.  

{Wrong} ~ Steven Fowler


not as smooth as it should be
not as round
also also not as flat
breasts hang like fried eggs
on the neck of buttocks
penii retract into hip cavities
like ready samurai
hair everywhere
or not anywhere
there is the wax limp
and to be imperfect in Rio de Janeiro
to not be bikini-ready
is a poison trifle, to be small
or round
to be 30 kilograms
& not the space, age or race
to cope with girth
they can cope!
a bluelight on hotel stains

Taken from the lamb pit, a collection about Rorschach tests. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Out now!...Poetry for Girls & Others ~ Gareth Durasow

Poetry for Girls & Others by Gareth Durasow

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