Friday, April 22, 2011

14 sonnets ~ Simon Howard

for Mark Cobley

Some days they make offer
to be strangers to kill me
where i slept.

Rosy sun pulsing
river tenderly
i’ll wear my old blouse
swim on the fires.

The thing silenced is gone
it arrives in mysterious
reality mad scene fluttering breeze.

Some years absurd pop song
a dark river under
bright river over
my smirk.

Sombrely love with a shadow in other’s
shadow & police dog handling
received evils.

i’ll throw coin
at the windows tormented
like a child’s birdsong
in a hailstorm.

Cool dry medicine on beds
of snails they hypnotise
cartoons get them to imply.

Some days make offer
to strangers when where
sweet thro corrupted shoot
from tripper.

I’ll wear my new blouse tenderly
swim in the ashes
asleep wrapped in curtains.

The best circumstance is deletion
the wildernesses of our lips
their ghosting truth

Dark river popular
the moon fallen entire
the river a boat rowed by snails.

That no love
is possible
capitalism eyes
where undark shimmered night sheet smile nowhere.

Dead bird flying thro daytime
was no night sung
by her lips at time.

No one was
where & the television
was crying 3
am traffic & shit. 

 Simon Howard has a wonderful chapbook out with The Red Ceilings Press called Adrift. There are still a couple of copies left.

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