Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Drunk} ~ Steven Fowler


if you loved me you would dry out first
like fishstock
like bone & salt
like peace, like pretence
like a seaslug
so I can
lend a harpoon to your copuswomb
& not feel guilty

security passes feature a likeness
seen the light of the computer
let us not dwell on what lights the screen
so pink & tan

ingested plantfood
betrayals & headlice
raped on her gap year
there is only helpless here

the intentional repetition
of the why
even when its clear in books that…
marxists & dead peasantry
gaps in physiology
seven in the corner of seventeen

the thirsty wait patiently
the drunk can never drink enough

Taken from the lamb pit, a collection about Rorschach tests.

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