Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{Old} ~ Steven Fowler


I awake fully clothed
how disturbing
that in my 40s
I still gladden the several tracks of youth

at least in youth you now have company that follows you in
wearying homes in speech
torn from the morning
‘oh it was a weight’

Married, you sink in the tarpauling of the indoor pool
pulled out the gown rope
‘too tired, I am, from carting this weight’
fold the blinds neatly before bed
poor us

do not look a child up
be steady on the doorstep
expect the clot
smoke bleeds

you fathom her swallowing
needles & shit diseases
but are too self-conscious to follow suit
‘I am not myself. I am just terribly tired’

what else
but tired
when you are so sick?

Taken from the lamb pit, a collection about Rorschach tests.  

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