Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gemstones ~ Paul Sutton

Gemstones by Paul Sutton
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb5]
A6 20pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No comfort ~ Annie Kerr

There was no comfort in her,
just a thin promise
left unsealed
of some unknown need
meeting the rare curl of her lip,
the broken angles of her touch,
with rare words
always on the sly side of silent.

She was sandpaper to your cheek,
firelighter drawn as lipstick
to your wet mouth.
She was fuse
that you could never spark.
She was bad seed and venom
spilling out of a basket
useless for the task.

She held the apple you hungered to bite.
When she bowled it under
a mile long freight train
grinding between her track
and yours,
she waited
just to see
if you could resist.

bird in the reed ~ Annie Kerr

bird in the reed
caught by the foot
snagged by the crowd
that always wants more
every protest song
ends in rebounds
like bluebottles map
a perspex box

hints of riffs
drop like bells
in a doo wap fuzz box
fight with the tough cut
of afternoon Pool
in a blacked out bar
jazz club sleaze
and banned cigarettes

white rasp of spit
in a breath hot tube
bites the harmonics
wet with hail
dented cymbals
make indoor rain
river it into corners
of wood and velour

blue smile of bass
rubs like making fire
every spinal nerve set alight
and sparking
he’s headbanging in a gale of glory
a dribble bank of memories
still wet on the floor
like a colour blind test

Nasturtiums ~ Annie Kerr

Above the humming snake den,
unafraid of the fall,
they mock the breeze,
clamber and claw at the high wire fence,
roar into the street,
shriek at passing girls.

All tongue and tendrils,
they call out in brazen, rude red,
laugh in loud orange,
spit maroon blood,
swear yellow obscenities,
make shy heads turn.

Annie Kerr writes every day with a pen and paper, mostly when out and about rather than sitting at a desk. She finds inspiration in the wild places of Britain and the quirkiness of her adopted home town of Brighton. Her poetry has appeared in various online journals and has seen some success in competitions. She has recently risen to the challenge of reading some of it in public. She works as a musician and has a blog called Inkhaven

Friday, May 20, 2011

BLACK GARDENS ~ David Berridge

BLACK GARDENS by David Berridge

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Lot 466 ~ Gordon Mason

A 19th century lead garden figure of a man dancing and playing a tambourine with a square base on a carved stone square plinth, 195cm high x 46cm wide

Tambourine beaten steps
dance on an honest floor
to contraband applause
kept in a cage of finger bones.

Balloons of scarlet silence
drift from bloodless brains
as thoughts tuck deep
inside broken hand mirrors.

Death lets the music creep
while no-one sees the devil
sit in the whisper cold
of night’s black limousine.

Lot 168 ~ Gordon Mason

A Paul Beau & Co Montreal brass and copper ink and desk blotter ends embossed with foliate medallions

Letters poke out from inkwells
a spliced nib away from words.
A map reader knows the shortcut
through inked paper butterflies.

Ribbons intertwine the night sky,
a discarded blue blouse
dragged along a picket fence
like an indrawn breath.

Ghosts are swirled by silence
that pirouettes in echoes.
Who thawed the moon?
I, said the silk spider.

The projector sticks on the same slide,
a crow posed still as a figurine.
A fountain pen writes poems
to be folded sharp as paper aeroplanes.

Lot 506~ Gordon Mason

Neill Dallas Brown (1938 - 2003)
Bather and Black Dog, 1973
Pencil, 20cm x 20cm

She bathes out
her black dog day
in the calm pool
below the fringed wave.

Her breasts blanch
and magnify
as the surface sheen
snaps the cups.

Blades of surf
cage her hair
to her cheeks
and cut out the knots.

The wave drapes
over her shoulders
and the sky goes on
living above.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Scavengers of London ~ Tom Watts

The Scavengers of London by Tom Watts

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