Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bird in the reed ~ Annie Kerr

bird in the reed
caught by the foot
snagged by the crowd
that always wants more
every protest song
ends in rebounds
like bluebottles map
a perspex box

hints of riffs
drop like bells
in a doo wap fuzz box
fight with the tough cut
of afternoon Pool
in a blacked out bar
jazz club sleaze
and banned cigarettes

white rasp of spit
in a breath hot tube
bites the harmonics
wet with hail
dented cymbals
make indoor rain
river it into corners
of wood and velour

blue smile of bass
rubs like making fire
every spinal nerve set alight
and sparking
he’s headbanging in a gale of glory
a dribble bank of memories
still wet on the floor
like a colour blind test

1 comment:

Gordon Mason said...

This is so full of sound; brilliant.