Monday, May 16, 2011

Lot 168 ~ Gordon Mason

A Paul Beau & Co Montreal brass and copper ink and desk blotter ends embossed with foliate medallions

Letters poke out from inkwells
a spliced nib away from words.
A map reader knows the shortcut
through inked paper butterflies.

Ribbons intertwine the night sky,
a discarded blue blouse
dragged along a picket fence
like an indrawn breath.

Ghosts are swirled by silence
that pirouettes in echoes.
Who thawed the moon?
I, said the silk spider.

The projector sticks on the same slide,
a crow posed still as a figurine.
A fountain pen writes poems
to be folded sharp as paper aeroplanes.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Writing about writing and especially ink is always going to draw me in. There's something gorgeous in each stanza, but I particularly love letters sticking out of inkwells, the blouse and picket fence and the final image of the words being sent on their way by paper plane.