Monday, May 16, 2011

Lot 466 ~ Gordon Mason

A 19th century lead garden figure of a man dancing and playing a tambourine with a square base on a carved stone square plinth, 195cm high x 46cm wide

Tambourine beaten steps
dance on an honest floor
to contraband applause
kept in a cage of finger bones.

Balloons of scarlet silence
drift from bloodless brains
as thoughts tuck deep
inside broken hand mirrors.

Death lets the music creep
while no-one sees the devil
sit in the whisper cold
of night’s black limousine.


Annie said...

"Contraband applause" is such a great phrase and then, you follow it with - "kept in a cage of finger bones." This is the kind of image that will spend the day with me. Love it.

Old 333 said...

Echoes of another darkling garden party, whose author I cannot recall.A trip - thanks for it, Gordon and Red Ceilings.