Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nasturtiums ~ Annie Kerr

Above the humming snake den,
unafraid of the fall,
they mock the breeze,
clamber and claw at the high wire fence,
roar into the street,
shriek at passing girls.

All tongue and tendrils,
they call out in brazen, rude red,
laugh in loud orange,
spit maroon blood,
swear yellow obscenities,
make shy heads turn.

Annie Kerr writes every day with a pen and paper, mostly when out and about rather than sitting at a desk. She finds inspiration in the wild places of Britain and the quirkiness of her adopted home town of Brighton. Her poetry has appeared in various online journals and has seen some success in competitions. She has recently risen to the challenge of reading some of it in public. She works as a musician and has a blog called Inkhaven


Gordon Mason said...

Wonderful descriptions of colours - but the first line is such a pull into the poem.

Sascha Loske said...

Dear Annie,

just posted a snailmail letter to you re Nasturtiums. All the best, Alexandra