Monday, June 27, 2011

from Like Milk ~ Richard Barrett

Different sizes of last week and our desire, you suspect
and whether you like friends and I know that. I'm happy I think
with the cooperation - I think. was the game that I found from you
so put doubt in with the partner: to see me happy but. and surprised
on two things. And (a) free coffee - there is something about such behavior
and last weeks plan It seems to say therefore (b) so From the above -
give it to me and give me the series! or anyway I mean close to friendship
to love to pieces is it? ‘I do not seriously think I'll consider any romantic thoughts about you’, with, want it or ‘us' though. You have been different
And frankly, What you know this "God" failure makes me learn about coffee -
and the history of food, I say, it's amazing to me but then I would say that
and I just hope it's great (the “coffee”, that!) more, maybe too, maybe they made a start to get close to the truth of things in the middle tho’ - sort of
to say they are all waiting for you. I want to say that I'm in serious and so
I'll say one way or another in my office every morning and then head down
tho’ only once last week the name came (and it was Christina we found out) and we started talking early. we said - about the possibility of romance and This Introduction came early one morning (I think it was a cafĂ© that Tuesday)
which was, or was it not really very busy, hey? mmmmm?

so I just use the 241 offers now for the dining room
at high noon &,  the first  reason keeping me going
like how you say you are a cup we share. Tuesdays
& I would like us to discover a large cup of coffee is
as humorous as Christina thinks maybe and maybe
is as personally surprising I think, as I think this was
to Christina. with ideas to reduce my opinion further.
But not you! who told me ‘write that report’  I started
to Even as a day is his personality & like that coffee
that you say And "and why would it be better not to?
But It seems to show that you can try to spot the ridiculous but, The more
the more you talk gives me ideas about what might be  appropriate or not to a message of sorts, and maybe I think I really can think about writing the report 

from Like Milk ~ Richard Barrett

a message saying ‘the bill does not achieve anything, I said
with this plan you get I hope, you at least partially, you agree

with how bad it is believed that the bill in a way should to read minds
so that’s you then me, because now boredom is appropriate

to what is just I say, in fact
tell me you do not think there is too much when I'm better than the story about the Bill. &the expression of
with your marital relationship at the end of the story, it confuses me
yet I wasn’t to know too much about religion, I thought
they both had guilt though, so I said adultery and I was impressed’.

what kind of thing to do though I thought /& it would be terrible to lead to it
like that through negative family & friends. I said, fleetingest, the attraction
was in fact, Then, told me it was this, of course –
the point of speech, freedom
of the innocent and of the naive, or just channels - Maybe. you play with me?

As, You do not I did not expect to What you do / I think it should, but they do not though, something – I really can’t believe - I never once thought about the letter - I think, you could eat my head if you wanted to – However, Frankly, Things can still happen. frankly, I know, I think, because I studied the problem alone, just to try to think where you can download it in reality and not only that I did not mention in my brain what can happen 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Olifaunt ~ David Tomaloff

New free ebook out on The Red Ceilings Press - Olifaunt by David Tomaloff
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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brains Scream at Night ~ Paul Sutton

Recent Red Ceilings poet Paul Sutton's latest collection, Brains Scream at Night (BlazeVox), is now available to buy direct from Amazon

And it is very good! I promise you!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Every poem is a decapitated head held up by a single hair ~ Serge Pey

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Every poem is a decapitated head held up by a single hair by Serge Pey, translated by Yann Lovelock and Patrick Williamson.Check out the Red Ceilings Press for our full catalogue of free ebooks and limited edition chapbooks.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Questions for Painters ~ Nathan Thompson

Questions for Painters by Nathan Thompson

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fat Hen ~ Andrew Spacey

Brackenbury’s chenopodium
a goosefoot revival in a field

with uncanny curvature
versus long gone man, Kettle,

on all fours pulls up the root.
It is a pain like a tongue bitten.

His wife hangs loose white hens
from beams in a washed outhouse.

Only the poor remember The Lows
where slides the smiling pike.

Red is in the cooling sky and I
have clear views before roost.

Lapwings, graceful in well
oiled madness articulate that gap

between then and now. In this enclosure
birds altering the breath, a weed

dormant in time common as muck
disturbed, anticipating the man. 

Beauty of absorbing your own flesh ~ Andrew Spacey

Benefits of eating ones fat
visiting yourself or father dehydrating

the heat unseasonal is an argument we’re
shaking like sheep with blowfly

pluck a thought out of long grass shadow
place it on a thermal

you will see a song and thus
dismiss conflict in one rising

or cool your breath with tadpoles
dieting for the future their wee pool

precariously buried in full sun
there is screaming out of all

this Sunday sleepin we do it
and if not you can still haiku it.

Andrew says...
I have had a few things published in the past, articles for magazines
and newspapers,plus one small book some years ago now.
Currently a teacher - drama - organizing plays/reviews but have worked
down a coalmine,tended livestock and tutored foreign students in

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Red Museum ~ Steven Fowler

Red Ceilings regular, Simon Fowler's Red Museum
(Knives Forks & Spoons Press) is now available on Amazon.