Thursday, June 2, 2011

Beauty of absorbing your own flesh ~ Andrew Spacey

Benefits of eating ones fat
visiting yourself or father dehydrating

the heat unseasonal is an argument we’re
shaking like sheep with blowfly

pluck a thought out of long grass shadow
place it on a thermal

you will see a song and thus
dismiss conflict in one rising

or cool your breath with tadpoles
dieting for the future their wee pool

precariously buried in full sun
there is screaming out of all

this Sunday sleepin we do it
and if not you can still haiku it.

Andrew says...
I have had a few things published in the past, articles for magazines
and newspapers,plus one small book some years ago now.
Currently a teacher - drama - organizing plays/reviews but have worked
down a coalmine,tended livestock and tutored foreign students in

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Old 333 said...

Thanks for the poem, Mr. Spacey - and the tadpoles. Pleasing lazily drifting words and thoughts.