Monday, June 27, 2011

from Like Milk ~ Richard Barrett

Different sizes of last week and our desire, you suspect
and whether you like friends and I know that. I'm happy I think
with the cooperation - I think. was the game that I found from you
so put doubt in with the partner: to see me happy but. and surprised
on two things. And (a) free coffee - there is something about such behavior
and last weeks plan It seems to say therefore (b) so From the above -
give it to me and give me the series! or anyway I mean close to friendship
to love to pieces is it? ‘I do not seriously think I'll consider any romantic thoughts about you’, with, want it or ‘us' though. You have been different
And frankly, What you know this "God" failure makes me learn about coffee -
and the history of food, I say, it's amazing to me but then I would say that
and I just hope it's great (the “coffee”, that!) more, maybe too, maybe they made a start to get close to the truth of things in the middle tho’ - sort of
to say they are all waiting for you. I want to say that I'm in serious and so
I'll say one way or another in my office every morning and then head down
tho’ only once last week the name came (and it was Christina we found out) and we started talking early. we said - about the possibility of romance and This Introduction came early one morning (I think it was a cafĂ© that Tuesday)
which was, or was it not really very busy, hey? mmmmm?

so I just use the 241 offers now for the dining room
at high noon &,  the first  reason keeping me going
like how you say you are a cup we share. Tuesdays
& I would like us to discover a large cup of coffee is
as humorous as Christina thinks maybe and maybe
is as personally surprising I think, as I think this was
to Christina. with ideas to reduce my opinion further.
But not you! who told me ‘write that report’  I started
to Even as a day is his personality & like that coffee
that you say And "and why would it be better not to?
But It seems to show that you can try to spot the ridiculous but, The more
the more you talk gives me ideas about what might be  appropriate or not to a message of sorts, and maybe I think I really can think about writing the report 

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