Monday, June 27, 2011

from Like Milk ~ Richard Barrett

a message saying ‘the bill does not achieve anything, I said
with this plan you get I hope, you at least partially, you agree

with how bad it is believed that the bill in a way should to read minds
so that’s you then me, because now boredom is appropriate

to what is just I say, in fact
tell me you do not think there is too much when I'm better than the story about the Bill. &the expression of
with your marital relationship at the end of the story, it confuses me
yet I wasn’t to know too much about religion, I thought
they both had guilt though, so I said adultery and I was impressed’.

what kind of thing to do though I thought /& it would be terrible to lead to it
like that through negative family & friends. I said, fleetingest, the attraction
was in fact, Then, told me it was this, of course –
the point of speech, freedom
of the innocent and of the naive, or just channels - Maybe. you play with me?

As, You do not I did not expect to What you do / I think it should, but they do not though, something – I really can’t believe - I never once thought about the letter - I think, you could eat my head if you wanted to – However, Frankly, Things can still happen. frankly, I know, I think, because I studied the problem alone, just to try to think where you can download it in reality and not only that I did not mention in my brain what can happen 

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