Friday, July 8, 2011

Rear Naked Choke ~ Jesse Bradley

I diagnosed myself with a severe
crush on you. The only treatment:
holding your hand and slow dancing
to the sound of something random.

I’ve got a brown belt in the jujitsu
of macking. Your sentences
get past my guard easily.

When you ask me which member
of the Wu-Tang Clan I’ll do it like,
I’ll answer “Old Dirty Bastard”,
not because I like it raw though.
Being beneath you will make me
loudly inarticulate.

Jesse Bradley's free ebook The Jujitsu of Macking will be available on the Red Ceilings Press website very soon.

1 comment:

Old 333 said...

ODB! Unusual name to see. Now "Baby I got Your Money" is repeating in my head...