Friday, August 26, 2011

roadside savants [extract] ~ David e Haase

roadside bermuda triangle

your isosceles
angles positively python
aa gorean

fibonacci flowers
bloom fractal

tactile gentle
sensory hearthair
is fog-ghost lost

roadside salesman  

his oversized teeth   
sweat & glass eye
wanders & he recalls

those movie moments singing
a gulp of carbonated polymers
sluices nicotine stained mustache

catalog brides machine guns
& prostheses he thrives how to
slick outside my event horizons

roadside whirlygigs

all spins on
road blinding vertigo
cornrows of song
clicking wind
perfect anomalies
centrifugal sunrises  
into pirouette

roadside carnival

& we meet
most by foot
some by me

we pause
against each other
at sepia

split to
different rides
listening the fourth

note between each word
echo unbirthed future

roadside briderunner

her stretchmarks
never go away
she denied forensic petting

virginity of indecision
white silent tonight

her pony tail macrame
windmill swings counter
pointing breasts

David e. Haase, a former Trout Farmer who lost his government subsidy, lives and writes in Denver Colorado. He is has recently been published in Short, Fast and Deadly and In Between Altered States and is forthcoming in Metazen among others.

An ebook of Roadside Savant maybe forthcoming. We hope so.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wikipedia says it will pass ~ Diana Salier

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wikipedia says it will pass by Diana Salier.
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Chapbook out! Building Murder with a Smile ~ Bobby Parker

Building Murder with a Smile by Bobby Parker

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Friday, August 12, 2011

poem ~ James McLaughlin

The mind confers

if the red tipped

green eyed Anthurium

sewn in folds

gathered into a sort of white abyss

gives almost a flavour - a reaction

as remit inclination

a nuance forgiven

on each stalk

contained flickering on

a single crystal rain


just ready to die

or bounce

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Lesson of Furniture ~ Chad Redden

New free ebook out on the Red Ceilings Press. The Lesson of Furniture by Chad Redden.
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selves incorporated ~ Iain Britton

one by one       I stand up

           stand down

                  self helping   

                  self replicating

persons unknown tighten screws in wood

             tighten voices in boxes

silence is fleeting

         in this deep end of the forest

   a parrot tunes up its windpipe

a horse snuffles messages in grass

         a steer locks horns

             with a zodiac punter -       

I pace out

          my  peripheral notification

    and keep to the outskirts

    of where I live /       / amongst houses

which burrow out of sight /     
which sprout periscopes each morning

my focus is full on

       beyond the boxed-in estates

               wooden palisades

                   the incestuousness of families

                possession by conquest

a self-centredness

     makes groundbreaking progress

my chimney’s calligraphy

           suggests a shrinking of substance

                   of head space

            of where to stand

                        what’s in it for selves incorporated

 I contaminate the gardens

of my belonging /           I do it silently

as if it were a privilege / a duty / a thing which has to be done /
a necessary marking of carved posts / a smudging on the silver-green
blades of summer’s new grass

domesticity ~ Iain Britton

is a window      a condensation hole for the eye

a shabby curtain

she overthrows a fanatic’s impression

of a blue sky

       sees what I see

   a fountain in the mouth

           of a girl

dolls lined up on a hot day

new clothes already old

she procrastinates

 a pleated look is the thing

           the minas spark in confusion

what exits the house
will be far different
from what enters

she pursues          the behavioural habits

of a heavy electric stage band

            which brightens the city

excites streets

the curious of the streets

the walking sleepers

the universal ventriloquists

practising conversations

               on a night’s exhumed corner

    the expectation

is a second-to-none instalment

of living for the minute

she ignores why I’m here

        black hands

            sketching mythologies

   of orchids / white geraniums / a grape vine

                   trapped on a trellis

she’s labelled her garden

          for the hard of sensing

written of love’s pictured pedestal

                   in a ghost story

Iain has forthcoming publications in Moloch Journal, Anything, Anymore, Anywhere and The Black Herald Press.

Oystercatcher Press published his 3rd poetry collection in 2009. Kilmog Press (NZ) and 4th in 2010. The Red Ceilings Press published an ebook 10 Poems earlier this year.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Leap Year ~ CL Bledsoe

New free ebook out on the Red Ceilings Press. Leap Year by CL Bledsoe.
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Monday, August 1, 2011

buff my pylon ~ SJ Fowler

complaining is the central interest of millenial American poetry
as we British poets watch the road for the terror of
the dung beetle to battle with a shitball in the carrot’s groin
who causes us so much fear because we are afraid of getting
the stink on our fingers and accidentally touching the brow
of eyelashes and then sweating black like a robbery so that
corrupted tears stream into our eyes and blind our gift, struck
down like the one walking amongst them folded into a
fucking quitter from a rough area who wasn’t given a chance to
succeed because he was from somewhere and not because he would
watch fifteen hours of television warble catwipe per day and would
n’t know the die blaue wheelbarrow full of newly rescued human
excrement if it hit him in the mouth like a beetle frown though he
does know break neck and untrimmed bush and an appeared smile
so vice versa sleek is his application for funding, his pen like the
intimidating shape of a bouncer, a soldier conditioning just for
Easter and yes it turned his life around, he can afford again, soon to
be parsimonious, kipping hemp & barley ween shouting “hard work
 a mean business” until he daft swift slips and I’ll be happy, the whole
time I was writing anyway and my stuff is solid

from Minimum Security Prison Dentistry available from Anything Anymore Anywhere later this year

don’t buff my pylon ~ SJ Fowler

for b.morris

our general is Gobbles, who gobbles art with a spade
who gobbles a nibless fountain pen, who lives on prize
living winnings, who lives on poorly tendered taxidermied
tits, who lives on no wit, who will dig for bones
who loves the saliva smell around an untrimmed bush
who will give a barrage of mutes, who tests low water quality
I know Ben Morris has dignity but the bilett homosexual
deepcut rape makes me frustrated at my mother-in-law or
something or another pigeon unearthed concerned
and encased in weed & bronze so dinner is finally ready

I have a Hackney Hanuman massage, a rubbing of the monkey
Elvis cancer of the bowels, an iron tire does nothing to halt the snow
towards a peace treaty, toward the siege of Copenhagen and Mikkel’s
bloodshed precum. O kindnesses! thoughts of you & grime music
pussyole apparently useless as a bus driver report
about being warm & smiling while peacefully asleep
while finding courage for the hardest yard, where the pink
& furry Shawnee Renee in the most charming of places
cannot fail like the acoustic guitar, a dead instrument
read the fingers, read the lettered tattoo Legavim Huy
Voram Soboda: to trashcops the dick, to thieves freedom.
Lublu Halvu Varenie Sahar: I like halva, marmalade, sugar.

from Minimum Security Prison Dentistry available from Anything Anymore Anywhere later this year

window licker ~ S J Fowler

Can we move-in together
            please, to Elephant + castle?
like lions, live free
            vows renewed in paradise
soon our civil service will be done
            & we might couple in choice
our love compelled, sealocked
            we love like pirates
we might soon love in lieu of women
            and her dastardly gap
will we be unused to must, & slackness?
            will we, hard cons, be able to fag?
I know of my own love, rock
            very well, you my soft fox
my hot fock, what have I left
            but hope of high rises & fresh luck

from Minimum Security Prison Dentistry available from Anything Anymore Anywhere later this year

Fights ~ SJ Fowler

SJ Fowler’s new collection ‘Fights’ is now available to order from Veer books via Paypal at Veer Books. The book is £9.00 + £0.80 If paying by paypal use the payee address ESTAPHIN@HOTMAIL.COM
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Arcadian ~ Simon Howard

You live near where you live
& a scattering of beaks & a claw
is exemplary a coolness & tears
jaggededly melting in the sun

scratch the words & consider
negation of negation. A field shimmers
= putrid glass. You know you are
imaginary & laugh like laughter.

At the conclusion
music shifts some trees a little & makes them this insubstantial.
You've slept in dangerous rooms
though I'm un-beautiful.

More of Simon's work can be found here