Friday, August 26, 2011

roadside savants [extract] ~ David e Haase

roadside bermuda triangle

your isosceles
angles positively python
aa gorean

fibonacci flowers
bloom fractal

tactile gentle
sensory hearthair
is fog-ghost lost

roadside salesman  

his oversized teeth   
sweat & glass eye
wanders & he recalls

those movie moments singing
a gulp of carbonated polymers
sluices nicotine stained mustache

catalog brides machine guns
& prostheses he thrives how to
slick outside my event horizons

roadside whirlygigs

all spins on
road blinding vertigo
cornrows of song
clicking wind
perfect anomalies
centrifugal sunrises  
into pirouette

roadside carnival

& we meet
most by foot
some by me

we pause
against each other
at sepia

split to
different rides
listening the fourth

note between each word
echo unbirthed future

roadside briderunner

her stretchmarks
never go away
she denied forensic petting

virginity of indecision
white silent tonight

her pony tail macrame
windmill swings counter
pointing breasts

David e. Haase, a former Trout Farmer who lost his government subsidy, lives and writes in Denver Colorado. He is has recently been published in Short, Fast and Deadly and In Between Altered States and is forthcoming in Metazen among others.

An ebook of Roadside Savant maybe forthcoming. We hope so.

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Thanks for the poems!