Wednesday, August 10, 2011

selves incorporated ~ Iain Britton

one by one       I stand up

           stand down

                  self helping   

                  self replicating

persons unknown tighten screws in wood

             tighten voices in boxes

silence is fleeting

         in this deep end of the forest

   a parrot tunes up its windpipe

a horse snuffles messages in grass

         a steer locks horns

             with a zodiac punter -       

I pace out

          my  peripheral notification

    and keep to the outskirts

    of where I live /       / amongst houses

which burrow out of sight /     
which sprout periscopes each morning

my focus is full on

       beyond the boxed-in estates

               wooden palisades

                   the incestuousness of families

                possession by conquest

a self-centredness

     makes groundbreaking progress

my chimney’s calligraphy

           suggests a shrinking of substance

                   of head space

            of where to stand

                        what’s in it for selves incorporated

 I contaminate the gardens

of my belonging /           I do it silently

as if it were a privilege / a duty / a thing which has to be done /
a necessary marking of carved posts / a smudging on the silver-green
blades of summer’s new grass

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James Mc Laughlin said...

oh I like that

james mc laughlin