Friday, September 2, 2011

Andrew seems popular ~ Mark Cobley

Andrew seems popular
~ Mark Cobley

Available from
Knives Forks And Spoons Press

Edward is lazy.

They asked him to swim.

She isn’t careless.

George isn’t a gardener.

She is brave.

Richard didn’t become a red barber.

She is dangerous.

Sarah doesn’t seem so selfish.

I’m not a spy.

Frank hasn’t become a computer programmer.

Matthew hasn’t become a bus driver.

Andrew’s uncle didn’t become a photographer.

Sandra doesn’t look brave.

She isn’t kind.

Catherine will become a police officer.
She isn’t skinny.

He isn’t a bartender.
They aren’t brave.

He isn’t a banker.

He isn’t crazy.


ISBN 978-1-907812-64-4

£5.00   23 pages


Gordon Mason said...

Congratulations, Mark!

I was at Callander Poetry Weekend (see my blog) and managed to shift quite a few copies of Uncle Salvador's Cigar. So many poets were attracted by the pocket size book version compared with the usual sized poetry books (and of course by the contents!).

Old 333 said...

enjoyed that little excerpt...