Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Outside the window cars go by in the night. They are loud and have wheels that go round on the road surface which make a noise too that doesn’t remind me of much apart from the fact that I cannot sleep because the noise the cars and the road make is loud and it is their noise that keeps me awake, although it was a dream of dying which woke me in the first place because after I had died in my dream I woke myself up because I wanted to check I was still breathing which I was which I found comforting until I began to hear the intermittent noise of the cars on the road outside the window which is now keeping me awake and although I am happy because I am alive I would also like to go back to sleep because otherwise I won’t feel so bright in the morning and will complain about the noise of the cars on the road in the night-time and not that I died in my dream which should perhaps bother me more than it will. 

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