Wednesday, September 14, 2011

THE TALKING CURE ~ Nikolai Duffy

and he said I don’t even think it’s you anymore he said talking to her who wasn’t there anymore but who was there all the same, less and less now, but there nonetheless, the way a person can inhabit you without your realising or asking but more importantly, without their asking or wanting to be there, wriggling to get out because you can do this to a person, put a person inside you and not let them out even though you shouldn’t because people are people and you have to respect that and even when they’re inside you they’re also outside and so it’s only a fragment you have which isn’t what you wanted even if you think something is better than nothing but then outside they’re not the person you thought because you have taken a piece of them and changed it and them and you realise you can’t win even though deep down if you gave yourself a minute a second even you’d realise it’s not about winning and so you want to turn around and say you’re sorry and let’s start over but can’t and won’t because what if nothing is offered and this is a thought you can’t entertain even as you say I don’t even think it’s you anymore 

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