Sunday, December 11, 2011

Minimum Security Prison Dentistry ~ S J Fowler

Mr S J Fowler's latest from the wonderful anything anymore anywhere. Go get it!

 "Imagine a Boys Own Paper landscape with True Crime architecture. Laurence Harvey dodges from building to country trying to evade CCTV whose sound footage runs through Babelfish.  The smells are Jack London, the light is Genet and the memories are Edgar Lee Masters.  Equally in words is Steven Johannes Fowler's Minimum Security Prison Dentistry: elegant, coldly funny, at times emotional, textured with occasional accidental/intentional solecisms; but getting the work done.  Nowadays most pages labelled "poetry" are unreadable and uninteresting: these give hope. Anyone who can name-check Joe Arpaio and Jacky le Mat, and reference the cover-texture of an Anselm Hollo book from the sixties rides my particular range."      Tom Raworth

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