Thursday, December 8, 2011

On Self-Strangling Semiotics ~ Charles Freeland

I have been doing nothing but practice my whole life. And still, I have yet to move beyond the point of origin, of drawing up and reflecting in my head. The whole world has yet to get started. It has yet to step forward even a millimeter. But you – just look at the ease with which you tear at that bunny! The dead glossy gaze you give with your enormous eyes! It’s like you are made of the very substance that is the opposite of doubt -- whatever that might be. As if you had been born fully-formed. And of adult stature. Otherwise, you’d be left wondering why you have to keep sloughing off skin cells at such an alarming rate. Why you feel the obsessive need to study all those old novels.

Charles Freeland is Professor of English at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio. Twice the recipient of the Individual Excellence Award in Poetry from the Ohio Arts Council, he is the author of a dozen books and chapbooks including Eucalyptus (Otoliths), Eros & (Fill in the Blank) (BlazeVox), and Five Perfect Solids (White Knuckle Press). His website is The Fossil Record (

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