Wednesday, December 7, 2011

poem ~ James McLaughlin

-  as riverbank slipping
colour fest to cone line
how outline
-  peel if irregular
as characteristic
and establish red
cool does
the sudden with flower
and contagion
- if fly rite and asking
go something
as played frond
on the widen
wire stem blue
- it afterwards
now falling if on
and transitive by
a verb wide
or noun tip
- so generate force
in this way were
sleeves of this warm
- stretched hue
woke tone
yawned lay
go particular continue
of time
- collectively violation
physical spire
on green
resplendent condition
other than novel
- environment or type
intrinsic of some
pink to
disposition for reed
scent as appearance
place or the
- portrait on aspect
the grace versus 

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