Friday, September 23, 2011

roadside savants ~ David e Haase

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Notes for Fatty Cakes ~ Andrew Spragg


Unprompted, she exclaims, &
again: “DING-HY”
The oars suck at water

& clonk
in their

The follow-up to Andrew Spragg's sell-out debut The Fleetingest (Red Ceilings Press, 2011), Notes For Fatty Cakes is uproarious and mannered, with tenderness by the shimmering and deliciously shifty bucketload.
   Anything anymore anywhere  

Between Soundings presents
Notes for Fatty Cakes
8th October 2011, 8pm

Poetry Cafe, 22 Betterton St., Covent Garden
London WC2H 9BX

To mark the release of Andrew Spragg's Notes for Fatty Cakes (published by Anything Anymore Anywhere) Between Soundings has prepared a performance of the text with sound from Julie Groves and Matt Cockshutt. Utilising ambient recordings and live performance, the music has been composed as a specific soundscape response for the occasion.

Praise for the book:

'Notes for Fatty Cakes flickers through the landscape of demotic, roun
ding up the tribes of lenses language uses from plank to Planck: a mini-epic journey in the running heads below which letters, reportage and refrain record as I eyes an other."Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?" Genre-kebabs on a skewer of wit.'

Tom Raworth

Friday, September 16, 2011

sneeze poems ~ David Tomaloff


on the ten
,  Lincoln
to Riverside

like some unused
breath still lodged
within my skull


on the ten
,  Lincoln
to Riverside

a white
,  unused breath
like an invitation

the rugged
of strangers

giving way
to speaking
in tongues


the brewing of
a natural disaster

an igloo
a sore penny

a smash &grab lurch
for a little piece of life

the devil has been sleeping
;  dust exchanged for dust

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WORK ~ Nikolai Duffy

I want to be over there but I’m not because I’m here because this is where they pay me to be and we have to pay the mortgage and at lunch I eat sandwiches in the office with the door closed and carry on with what I was doing so I can leave a little early maybe if the day’s been good to me and is this really what it means for a day to be good I don’t know but when people ask me what I do I tell them that I am often here and I tell them what being here involves and I don’t normally mention that I’d rather be over there with you because they might take it the wrong way it depends on the person and the time here goes along and I could always stay longer but longer would never be long enough so when it’s gone dark I put on my coat and walk my day backwards and most of the time I don’t think of myself as this and often just go through the motions even though this is what I thought I wanted to do and I guess I’m lucky because now I’m doing what I wanted to do and not many people can say that about what they do but I’d like to be doing other things too and much of the time I think I’d rather be doing those other things than these things although if really pushed I think I’d probably just rather be at home with you can someone pay off the mortgage please and thank you

THE TALKING CURE ~ Nikolai Duffy

and he said I don’t even think it’s you anymore he said talking to her who wasn’t there anymore but who was there all the same, less and less now, but there nonetheless, the way a person can inhabit you without your realising or asking but more importantly, without their asking or wanting to be there, wriggling to get out because you can do this to a person, put a person inside you and not let them out even though you shouldn’t because people are people and you have to respect that and even when they’re inside you they’re also outside and so it’s only a fragment you have which isn’t what you wanted even if you think something is better than nothing but then outside they’re not the person you thought because you have taken a piece of them and changed it and them and you realise you can’t win even though deep down if you gave yourself a minute a second even you’d realise it’s not about winning and so you want to turn around and say you’re sorry and let’s start over but can’t and won’t because what if nothing is offered and this is a thought you can’t entertain even as you say I don’t even think it’s you anymore 


Outside the window cars go by in the night. They are loud and have wheels that go round on the road surface which make a noise too that doesn’t remind me of much apart from the fact that I cannot sleep because the noise the cars and the road make is loud and it is their noise that keeps me awake, although it was a dream of dying which woke me in the first place because after I had died in my dream I woke myself up because I wanted to check I was still breathing which I was which I found comforting until I began to hear the intermittent noise of the cars on the road outside the window which is now keeping me awake and although I am happy because I am alive I would also like to go back to sleep because otherwise I won’t feel so bright in the morning and will complain about the noise of the cars on the road in the night-time and not that I died in my dream which should perhaps bother me more than it will. 


I wanted to write it all down but I see now that I haven’t.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


A review of J. Bradley’s “A Patchwork of Rooms Furnished by Mistakes” by David Tomaloff

Most of J. Bradley’s work seems to have in common at least one important and endearing characteristic: J. Bradley can blow your limbs off with sentence-shaped grenades and manage to leave you laughing about it. You will hear yourself say, “But wait, J. Bradley, I think you missed one.” You will gladly hold the last of your precious appendages out toward his mouth, pleading him to finish the job. You will fail to remember the last time you enjoyed bleeding this much. You will wince as the shrapnel penetrates your skin. You will smile.

J. Bradley’s chapbook, A Patchwork of Rooms Furnished by Mistakes (Deckfight Press, 2011), achieves nothing short of this effect. Within the treads of his nine-poem hit-and-run, Bradley fends off emotards, expresses his want for the scoliosis of Greyhound buses, repairs his dresser’s lockjaw with the dentistry of wedding invitations, and threatens to ruin your geometry without showing his work. The latter should not suggest, however, that his work does not show. Between humorous juxtaposition and brilliant, mind-bending surrealism, Bradley’s words manage to eloquently embody the vast human landscapes of regret, anxiety, yearning, and colossal expectation with disarming sincerity:

I will eventually earn
our names on voice mail
greetings and address labels.
I will not lose your laughter
like spare change this time.

I’ll build a bridge to you
out of my mistakes. For once,
I hope I made enough of them.

(To The Rebel Who Stopped Rebelling Against Urban Planning)

You will note you are at once ashamed and relieved to be human. You will hear in your heart the words, “Damn you, J. Bradley,” followed by some random, hollow threat. You will hear your mouth say instead, “Thank you, J. Bradley” and “may I have another?” He may offer gauze and sutures. You will blissfully resist.

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David Tomaloff (b. 1972) is a writer, photographer, musician, and all around bad influence. His work has appeared in fine publications such as Mud Luscious, >kill author, Thunderclap!, HOUSEFIRE, Prick of the Spindle, DOGZPLOT, elimae, and many more. He is the author of the chapbooks, A SOFT THAT TOUCHES DOWN &REMOVES ITSELF (NAP) Olifaunt (The Red Ceilings Press), EXIT STRATEGIES (Gold Wake Press) and MESCAL NON-PALINDROME CINEMA (Ten Pages Press). He resides in the form of ones and zeros at:

Jesse Bradley's The Juijitsu of Macking and David Tomaloff's Oliphaunt are available to view and download at the Red Ceilings Press

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the little shed of various lamps ~ Nikolai Duffy

the little shed of various lamps

by Nikolai Duffy
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb10]
A6 44pp 40 copies
£4.00 inc. p&p (UK)

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Andrew seems popular ~ Mark Cobley

Andrew seems popular
~ Mark Cobley

Available from
Knives Forks And Spoons Press

Edward is lazy.

They asked him to swim.

She isn’t careless.

George isn’t a gardener.

She is brave.

Richard didn’t become a red barber.

She is dangerous.

Sarah doesn’t seem so selfish.

I’m not a spy.

Frank hasn’t become a computer programmer.

Matthew hasn’t become a bus driver.

Andrew’s uncle didn’t become a photographer.

Sandra doesn’t look brave.

She isn’t kind.

Catherine will become a police officer.
She isn’t skinny.

He isn’t a bartender.
They aren’t brave.

He isn’t a banker.

He isn’t crazy.


ISBN 978-1-907812-64-4

£5.00   23 pages

Broke as a Clean Dick Dog ~ Alex Stolis

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Clean as a Broke Dick Dog by Alex Stolis.
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